Aqua-Tech Consultancy Ltd

Established in 2009 and located in Torbay, on the English Riviera, Aqua-Tech is a specialist Civil Engineering, Highway and Drainage Consultancy undertaking a full range of infrastructure design services tailored to suit a diverse client base throughout Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, and Dorset.
  • Over 15 years in the Civil Engineering Sector
  • Local Authority Trained
  • Clients include:

    • National and Regional House Builders

    • District Councils

    • Parish Councils

    • Housing Associations

    • Hoteliers

    • Architects

    • Civil Engineering Consultants

    • Private Home Owners

    • Church of England

We are committed to providing a first class service and to building long term client relationships. From the first contact offering general preplanning drainage advice to a private home owner for a single dwelling to preparation of an appropriate Flood Risk Assessment Report followed by roads and drainage infrastructure design of major residential, commercial and industrial developments, Aqua-Tech is ideally placed to add value at the inception of your development throughout the South West, and beyond.

Flood Risk Assessment
National Planning Policy Framework - Development & Flood Risk 

"A site-specific flood risk assessment is required for proposals of 1 hectare or greater in Flood Zone 1; all proposals for new development (including minor development and change of use) in Flood Zones 2 and 3,"

Many developments now require a Flood Risk Assessment to be approved by the Environment Agency through the Local Planning Authority planning procedures. National Planning Policy Framework and the accompanying guidance document provide the framework to identify suitable development sites and ensure the future built environment is safe from flood risk.

Aqua-Tech Consultancy will prepare a site specific Flood Risk Assessment report proportionate to the scale of your development proposal to inform the development, to ensure it is safe from flood risk from all sources and will not increase flood risk elsewhere.

"The Flood Risk Assessment is a thorough appraisal of the relevant issues and potential sources of flooding and is to be applauded." - Environment Agency consultation response to Exmoor National Park Authority (residential development in Dulverton)

Surface Water and Land Drainage
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs)

  • Surface Water Sewers

  • Highway Drainage

  • Property Drainage

  • Watercourse culverting

  • Water Abstraction

  • Amenity and Environmental Ponds

  • S104/S102 and S38 Adoption Surveys

Foul Water Drainage
  • Foul Water Sewers

  • Sewage Treatment and Septic Tanks

  • Pumping Stations

  • Property Drainage

  • S104/S102 Adoption Surveys

All designs enhanced by the use of the latest Micro Drainage WinDes suite of industry standard drainage design software, PDS) highway alignment design and ground modelling software, and plan preparation using AutoCAD.

Development site with flooding or drainage problems?

Aqua-Tech Consultancy can assist in resolving your existing drainage problems, identifying operational weaknesses and deficiencies, recommend and design appropriate solutions.

  • Drainage Study

  • Catchment Study

  • Sewer Capacity Checks

  • Attenuation Capacity Checks

  • Ground Percolation Suitability Assessment Testing

  • Soakaway Capacity Checks

  • Diversion Approvals

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